Flash CanBoot and Klipper to EBB

Summary & FAQ What are the advantages of CanBoot? It allows flash firmware by canbus directly, no need Type-c cable no need to enter DFU mode. The heater port of EBB 1.1 will open when entering DFU mode, so we

VORON V2.4 LightWeight CNC Parts Kit Guide

It has moved to our Github. https://github.com/MagicPhoenix/MPX-VORON-24-CNC


What is Canbus? MagicPhoenix add the canbus option in the kit from June 2022, it’s a separate board on toolhead which have heater/fans mos, stepper driver, and RGB/endstop etc. pins. The pros of Canbus toolboard: It simplifies the wiring and


Only For Test Kit Component BOM Qty Safe Qty Notes Hardware Product Qty needed Safe Qty Qty In Kit M3x6 pointed grubscrew 16 21 30 M2.5×6 BHCS 2 5 5 M3x6 BHCS 3 8 10 M3x8 BHCS 112 124 140


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Micron Kit


Layer-Based Assembly We redesigned the package of V2.4R2 Kit according to the assembly sequence. First Layer Frame There’s should be a small bag of these things if you order our frame kit, looks like this. it’s not on the offical

Print Guide

These printed parts are based on R2 version. From Offical Repository For the plug-panel, you need to print the filtered one [ power_inlet_filtered.stl], From VoronUsers Mod We use sexbolt endstop instead. Follow this : Microswitch Z Endstop PCB Additional parts