Flash CanBoot and Klipper to EBB

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Summary & FAQ

What are the advantages of CanBoot?

It allows flash firmware by canbus directly, no need Type-c cable no need to enter DFU mode.

The heater port of EBB 1.1 will open when entering DFU mode, so we want to avoid it.


Do not follow the offical document. it would cause lost communication issue.

Flash CanBoot

cd ~
git clone https://github.com/Arksine/CanBoot
cd CanBoot
make menuconfig

Set menuconfig options the same as this pic.

Press Q and save it, then run make

Connect EBB via type-c, and plug the VBUS jumper

Press and hold BOOT button, then click the RST button to enter DFU mode

sudo lsusb

there should be a STM32 Device in DFU Mode if right.

sudo dfu-util -a 0 -d 0483:df11 --dfuse-address 0x08000000 -D ~/CanBoot/out/canboot.bin

You may need to replace 0483:df11 with yours.

If it shows like this, then you have flashed CanBoot successful.

Flash Klipper by CanBoot

At first you need to remove the VBUS jumper and plug it to the 120R resistance.

Then plug the 4P MX3.0 connector.

Query Canbus ID:

cd ~/klipper
python3 lib/canboot/flash_can.py -q

If it have no canbus id, double click RST button to enter BootLoader mode.

make menuconfig

set the menuconfig same as this pic

press Q and save it


Flash klipper firmware to EBB.

python3 lib/canboot/flash_can.py -i can0 -f ./out/klipper.bin -u 110a62ed1c3c

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