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Only For Test Kit

ComponentBOM QtySafe QtyNotes
HardwareProductQty neededSafe QtyQty In Kit
M3x6 pointed grubscrew162130
M2.5×6 BHCS255
M3x6 BHCS3810
M3x8 BHCS112124140
M3x10 BHCS323740
M3x12 BHCS141920
M3x16 BHCS4610
M3x20 BHCS162122
M3x25 BHCS101515
M3x30 BHCS388
M3x35 BHCS388
M3x40 BHCS166
M5x16 BHCS4910
M2x6 SHCS768490
M2x12 SHCS81315
M3x6 SHCS71212
M3x8 SHCS354050
M3x12 SHCS81315
M3x14 SHCS277
M3x16 SHCS6810
M3x20 SHCS61115
M3x25 SHCS91415
M3x30 SHCS2710
M3x35 SHCS222727
M3x40 SHCS81315
M2 NUT6066100
M3 NUT150165180
M4 NUT133
M3x6x0.5 WASHER424760
M4x8x0.5 WASHER4910
M5x10x0.5 WASHER162130
M4 Knurled Nut333
lt/Chicago Screw M4x5x12111
Brass Bushing ID5xOD8x10111
ElectronicsBigtreetech Octopus11
Bigtreetech mini1286411
Bigtreetech TMC 2209 driver77
OMC Stepper 14HS20-1504S66
OMC Stepper 14HR07-1004VRN11
24V 3007 Axial Fan 114.3CFM,13000RPM
24V 3010 Blower Fan2214000RPM*
Z endstop PCB11Completed
Omron D2F switch22
C13 Power Cable??*Not sure yet
GDSTime 60x60x20 Axial fan11
AC inlet – Adam Tech IEC-GS-1-100??Internal PSU
5x20mm 10a fuse11Internal PSU
Meanwell UHP-200-2411
MPX Silicone Heater100x100 24v 60w 11
Phaetus Dragon Hotend11
Heater cartridge 50W11
Hotend thermistor NTC100K11
3M 5952 VHB Tape11
Bigtreetech EBB3611
Bigtreetech U2C11
Orangepi 3 LTS11*Not sure yet
WiringPre-made wires11
MotionF623-2RS Bearing3232
625 2RS Bearing88
5x50mm Shaft – Grind Flat44
MPX Linear Rail MGN7H – 150mm66
MPX Linear Rail MGN9C – 150mm11
Gates 5ID 6W 16T Pulley1414
Gates 188mm belt44
Gates LL-2GT-6RF 5000mm11
Buildplate5083 Cast aluminum plate11
Spring Steel PEI11
PanelsSides22Clear pc
Door11Clear pc
Top11Clear pc
BowdenBowden Collet11
Bowden Tube2M1M
Misc.M12 Cable Gland22
Rubber feet 44
6×3 magnet810
ExtruderBMG Extruder Insides ID511


The final shipment list may be different from this.

Kit does not include black panels, you need to print it yourself.

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