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Layer-Based Assembly

We redesigned the package of V2.4R2 Kit according to the assembly sequence.

First Layer


There’s should be a small bag of these things if you order our frame kit, looks like this.

it’s not on the offical bom but helpful to make your frame square.

Second Layer & Third Layer

Forth Layer

XY Gantry and Bed/Heater

Pics later

LRS-200-24 Mount

To make the wiring look cleaner, its mounting different from the official manual, you need to print these files and install heat inserts. Check out print guide.

They should look like this pic.

1.Attach the DIN clip onto the DIN rail

2.Install PSU_MOUNT_A, PSU_MOUNT_B to LRS-200-24 with M4x6 BHCS screws.

Notice: The installation direction on the photo is wrong, you need reverse it.

3.Screw the PSU onto the DIN clips with M3x6 BHCS or M3x8 SHCS

Breakout PCB Mount

Print `BreakoutPCB_DIN_MOUNT` and install heat inserts, it should look like this.

Use M3x6 BHCS or M3x8 SHCS to mount it.

Toolboard PCB Mount



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